About me

Hi, I’m Monika Sałach! (🎧Sah-wahkh)

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I worked in IT for many years, loving (almost) every minute of it. It was challenging, satisfying, and amazing despite putting long hours and dealing with stress.

But then the disappointments and stress started piling up, I ended up in a swirl of demotivation, irritation, self-doubt, and guilt. It robbed me from previous joy and passion, and impacted my personal life.

My burnout resulted in taking a coaching course to find some temporary relief from the stress. It soon became my passion, reviving satisfaction and what’s most important – bringing new meaning to my work and life. This is when I decided to leave IT industry and become a career and life coach, especially for fellow IT and Tech people who lost motivation and joy in the current work, who experienced burnout, or who are looking for work that would add meaning and purpose to their life.

My Path

  • MSc in Information Technology (Warsaw University of Technology, Poland) 
  • MSc in Psychology (Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA) 
  • Software developer, IT Team Leader, Project and Program Manager 
  • Lived in Poland, USA, UAE
  • Certification of Advanced Professional Coach and Group Coach from International Coach Academy (ICA), accredited by International Coaching Federation (ICF) 
  • 150+ hours of coaching experience (and growing)
  • ACC Credentials from International Coaching Federation (ICF)
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My Credentials

Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

International Coaching Federation

I met ICF requirements of min. 60 hours training and min. 100 hours of coaching. The exam confirmed knowledge in the application of the ICF Core Competencies, Code of Ethics, and definition of coaching.

Coach Certification

International Coach Academy

Certified Professional Coach Program (Advanced) covering 150 hours of ICF Approved Coach Specific Education and the completion of a performance assessment

Group Coach Certificatioin

International Coach Academy

Group Coach training theory and practicum as included in h Advanced Certified Professional Coach Program

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