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You have an inner strength to take control over your life, dream big and step by step move towards your goals. And you have a right to fulfill your potential and live with joy and passion. Yes, you can do it by yourself.

But if you feel that you are stuck for too long, you cannot find more options or you lost your purpose, then you may use help of a coach.  Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but it is a wise move of a person who wants to progress in life, growing both professionally and personally.

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The first meeting, the Introductory Session, lasts 30 minutes and is free of charge. It allows Client and Coach to get to know each other, decide if they want to work together, and agree on terms and conditions of this cooperation.
Choose the Best Approach
I offer two programs to enhance your professional life: Raise from Burnout and Reinvent Your Career.

If you are looking for more challenges at work, lost motivation and direction, or craving a meaningful profession, then Reinvent Your Career is just for you.

But if your problems at work are deeper, you are exhausted by your work and you suspect that you may be burned out, then Raise from Burnout program will help you get out this state.
Commit to Success
You will definitely find a path to achieve your work and life goals. But the more dedicated you are, the more willing to reach to your internal strengths but also restricting beliefs and saboteurs, the stronger you will become.

Coaching Programs

Raise From Burnout

If You:

  • Are tired or fearful even before the day started
  • Do not feel joy or satisfaction at work
  • Do not believe you make an effective contribution
  • Do not have enough time to do all the work
  • Do not feel you have any control

But You Want To:

  • Have a job you enjoy
  • Concentrate on your work without distractions
  • Engage guilt-free into family and personal activities
  • Feel confident about your skills and expertise

Then “Raise From Burnout” Program Will Help You to:

  • Understand your situation and problems to be addressed
  • Understand phenomenon of burnout and your level of it
  • Know the factors that triggered your burnout / demotivation
  • Address immediate symptoms of burnout (exhaustion, distance, low self-efficacy)
  • Address causes of burnout (overload, lack of control, lack of recognition, disintegration of community, unfairness, mismatch in values)
  • Establish healthy separation between work and personal life

Duration and Pricing:

6 * 60 minute session during max. 12 weeks

695 USD

Reinvent Your Career

If You:

  • Are looking for a meaning and direction
  • Are not aware what can drive you forward
  • Are not passionate about your work anymore
  • Do not fully use your skills and experience
  • Lack opportunities for growth and career progression

But You Want To:

  • Understand and follow your values and needs
  • Know what meaning and purpose mean for you
  • Utilize your strengths and expertise
  • Have a solid development plan

Then “Reinvent Your Career” Program Will Help You To:

  • Understand your situation and problems to be fixed
  • Draw conclusions from your previous job experience
  • Uncover your motivators and values
  • Realize your strengths and gaps to be reduced for various career choices
  • Design short- and long-term plans with clear goals and success measures

Duration and Pricing:

2 * 60 minute sessions during max. 3 weeks

235 USD

Both programs start with analysis of your current situation and goals, and designing a personalized plan for the following coaching sessions. Each session is enriched with pre- or post-session homework (tests, reading, webinars, research, introspection). During both programs I offer free chat and email support between sessions.

Individual Sessions

The goals and topics for the individual sessions are personalized according to the client requirements and needs. The sessions can be purchased individually or in packages. Session duration is 50 minutes.

Single session: 145 USD

Package of 4 sessions: 545 USD

Payments and Rescheduling

All Regular Sessions following up the Intro Session will be payable, unless mutually agreed otherwise. The sessions are payable in advance using direct bank transfer, PayPal, or Revolut, and are not refundable except for the rare case when a cooperation is terminated by the Coach. 

I understand that things come up at the last minute and if you wish to reschedule the appointment, please notify me ASAP. Rescheduling earlier than 24 hours before the planned session is free of charge; after this time the missed session will be chargeable in 100%.

Please contact me for prices in PLN:  Contact Page.

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