Science About Burnout (Podcast)

Listen to a short 5-minute Joanne Mallon’s podcast with my guest appearance summarizing the results on one of the psychological research on factors contributing to burnout. Transcript Burnout Is Not Your Fault Burnout is a part of our professional life right now, and I am afraid it is here to stay. Everyone has heard about someone with burnout, know someone who was burned out or,…

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5 Worries of Millennials and Gen-Zs

There is a multitude of research and articles, as well as stereotypes, regarding Millennials and Gen Zs, especially their characteristics, values, and attitudes in a workplace context. However, there is more to Gen Z/Millennials’ lives than just work, and sadly, their world, especially considering the recent pandemic, the current economy, and global changes and conflicts, is not simple

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