More Than a Job: Coaching to Align Your Career with Your Values

My Coaching Philosophy


I spent many years in the IT industry, which is known for its relentless pace and constant evolution, and where it’s easy to get burnt out. In my case, when satisfaction, joy, and feeling of achievements got replaced with constant stress, disappointment and lack of purpose, I started looking for something that would bring the meaning and joy back to my work-life.

I became a life coach, with a purpose of supporting IT and Tech professionals to find meaning and fulfillment in their careers. I believe that with more than ½ of our waking hours spent at work we cannot afford to ignore its impact on our life quality and satisfaction.  

I’m also convinced that everyone has unique strengths and passions which, when aligned with their work, can lead to a sense of purpose and joy.

Coach Monika sitting on a chair


My coaching style is relaxed, flexible, action-oriented, and frequently with an analytical flavor.

I combine proven coaching techniques, such as active listening, insightful questions, goal-setting, and accountability, with my deep understanding of the IT and Tech industry.

If applicable, I provide practical tools, techniques, and insights (like discovering values, motivators or performing SWOT analysis) to create a personalized coaching plan that addresses not just career issues, but also the underlying personal factors that might be affecting motivation and satisfaction at work.


The client is always the center of attention. I provide a supportive environment that encourages self-reflection, exploration, and experimentation, while holding clients accountable for implementing steps to achieve renewed passion and purpose in their work-life.


Integrity: I prioritize honesty, trust, and transparency in my coaching approach. I will never promise anything that I cannot deliver. I am committed to maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of my clients, as well as conducting coaching sessions with the utmost professionalism and ethical standards.

Authenticity: I believe in the power of being true to oneself. I value authenticity, and strive to support my clients in finding a career path that truly resonates with their core identity and personal values.

Respect: I provide a safe space and a laidback atmosphere, where clients can express their thoughts and concerns without fear of being judged. By truly listening to their stories and empathizing with their experiences, I can better tailor my coaching to their specific needs.

Collaboration: I believe that coaching is a partnership between the client and the coach. Together, we will work towards clarifying career goals, exploring various possibilities, identifying obstacles, and developing sustainable strategies for success. With my IT background I offer both “pure” coaching, as well as active brainstorming with impact based on my experience and knowledge.

Freedom: I value freedom above everything and I will do everything possible to help you in embracing it in your life if this is what you seek in your life.

Monika Sałach

Services I Provide For My Clients

1:1 Coaching

Identify your goals and dreams, find new paths and solutions and grow personally and professionally, so that you can live more fulfilling and purposeful life.

1:1 Coaching

Set up long-term goals to work on or bring current topics to discuss and make decisions. Sessions can be bought individually or in packages.

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Raise From Burnout

Restore your lost enthusiasm, revive motivation and beat stress, so that you can work in a job you love with more time for yourself and your family.

Raise From Burnout Program

Identify stress factors, learn how to overcome them, rediscover satisfaction, feel appreciated, and see opportunities for professional growth. 6 coaching sessions, Email and chat support between sessions

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Reinvent Your Career

Align professional goals with your values and needs and find a way to utilize your strengths, so that you can work with joy and grow both professionally and personally.

Reinvent Your Career Program

Discover your passions and motivation, identify strengths and opportunities, find meaning goals and create a short- and long-term plans. 2 intensive coaching sessions, Email and chat support between sessions

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Results I have helped create

Monika has been a valuable source of guidance and support for me over the past several months. Her coaching style is empathetic, insightful, straightforward and action-oriented, which has helped me to identify and achieve my goals in both my personal and professional life. During our sessions I have gained a better understanding of myself and what was blocking me. Monika has put me in front of some of my limiting beliefs, sometimes even going straight to the point with some observations, and we were able to dispel them. She has consistently challenged me to push beyond my current way of thinking and pursue meaningful change, while also providing the encouragement I needed. I would say she is a deep active listener and a non-judgmental person, which in my case has made the difference! I felt I could be completely myself and open myself up.
Maurizio S.
Musician (Italy)
I have been working with Monika for more then a year and I always know that whatever I am dealing with I will always be greeted with a warm smile and open mind, which instantly makes me feel calmer, safer and free to speak openly and be vulnerable about any and all of the issues. Monika always listens intently and without judgement, asking insightful questions. She is so thoughtful and genuinely cares, often suggesting logical and creative solutions for me to consider, and then holding the space for me to work through the ideas. I always leave the coaching session feeling lighter, stronger and able to overcome any obstacles in my way. In under a year, I have achieved huge transformations in both my professional and personal life. I can't think of anyone better to walk alongside you every step of the way from 'burnt out' to 'living your happiest life'!
Laura D.
Executive Assistant (UK)
I have been working with Monika for a while now in a time when I am trying to establish a new business and going through a career change. She has helped me to see the situation from different perspective and to see different options which I wasn’t aware of before. Monika is a coach who shows empathy and understanding throughout the session. In difficult times she made me feel heard, understood, and supported. She helped me to dig deep into my underlying beliefs, which I wasn’t aware of and helped me see things from a different angle and take the right steps towards my goal. As I am transitioning into a new career, I feel confident in the steps I am taking, and I feel I have the support I need. I can highly recommend Monika as a highly skilled and solid coach.
Tuba M.
Pilates Teacher (UK)

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