I Was Scared To Call Myself a Midlife Coach

I was scared to call myself a midlife coach. My thinking went like this:

I am a midlife coach, so I know midlife from my experience.

If I know about midlife, then I am in midlife myself.

If I am in midlife, then I am no longer young.

If I am no longer young, then I am old.

Me?! Not young (see, even now I didn’t want to say old)?!

Then three things occurred to me:

  1. Everyone can go to my profile and do the math (feel free to do it).
  2. I’m perfectly fine with my post-midlife crisis life (most of the time).
  3. Some things will stay with me regardless the age:
    • The love for my daughters
    • My sense of humor
    • Values like integrity and honesty
    • The joy of riding a motorcycle

And more….

Some things evolve.

Other things stay.

No matter your age.