Midlife Crisis As a Gate To the Second Half of Life

Most people think a midlife crisis is a painful realization that our life is coming to an end.

But I prefer to change the perspective and see it as a new beginning.

Here’s why:

  1. Midlife is a natural stage of life.

We leave early adulthood to enter midlife, like we leave adolescence to enter early adulthood.

  • We can ditch some restrictions.

The kids are already independent or are approaching this moment. We care less what other people think about us. And my favorite: we can blame our age if we need an excuse for not doing something 🙂

  • It stimulates our personal growth.

It’s the time to

  • evaluate who we are
  • remind ourselves what’s important in life
  • check if we live according to our values.

It’s the time to try new things, return to the old hobbies we didn’t have time to pursue, and allow ourselves to be authentic.

I’m not saying that going into midlife is easy and painless, but it would be less terrifying if we see the bright side also.

The midlife crisis gate can keep you on this side, or you can open the gate and step on the new path. It’s your choice.